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Utting-Chamorro 2005 Does fair trade make a difference? Development in Practice 15 (3-4) : 584–599.   English Journal Link
Haynes 2005 Can organic be fair?   7th Conference. European Sociological Assocociation. Torun. English Report Link
Haynes 2005   Conference Environment, Knowledge and democracy. International Sociological Association. Marseille. English Report  
Hayes, Moore 2005 The economics of Fair Trade: a guide in plain English   Conference proceedings English Report Link
Bacon 2005 Confronting the Coffee Crisis: Can Fair Trade, Organic and Specialty Coffees Reduce Small-Scale Farmer Vulnerability in Northern Nicaragua? World Development 33 (3) : 497-511.   English Journal  
Calo, Wise 2005 Revaluing Peasant Coffee Production: Organic and Fair Trade Markets in Mexico Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University   English Report  
Giovannucci, Ponte 2005 The Collective Formulation and Effectiveness of Public & Private Sustainability Standards   In special issue of Food Policy Journal, “Private Agri-food Standards: Implications for Food Policy and the Agri-food Systems” English Report Link
Daviron, Ponte 2005 Coffee Paradox: Global Markets, Commodity Trade and the Elusive Promise of Development pp. 295 Zed Books English Book  
Wild 2005 Coffee: A Dark History pp. 323 Norton English Book  
Moberg 2005 Fair Trade and Eastern Caribbean Banana Farmers: Rhetoric and Reality in the Anti-Globalization Movement Human Organization 64 (1) : 12.   English Journal  
Stiglitz 2005 Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development pp. 344 Oxford University Press English Book  
Taylor, Murray, Raynolds 2005 Keeping Trade Fair: Governance Challenges in the Fair Trade Coffee Initiative Sustainable Development 13 (3) : 10.   English Journal Link
Grimes 2005 Changing the Rules of Trade with Global partnerships: The Fair Trade Movement Social Movements: An Anthropological Reader pp. 237-248 June Nash, editor English Book section Link
Krier 2005 Fair Trade in Europe 2005 pp. pp. 86 IFAT, FLO, NEWS!, and EFTA English Book  
Coscione 2005 DireOnline (19) Rivista del Dipartimento di Ricerche Europee dell'Università di Genova Other Other Link
Krier 2005 Fair Trade in Europe 2005. Facts and Figures on Fair Trade in 25 European countries. pp. 92   English Book Link
Low, Davenport 2005 International Marketing Review 22 (5) : 494-511 .   English Journal  
Low, Davenport 2005 Sustainable Development 13 (3) : 143-153 .   English Journal  
Raschke 2005 Rainer Bucher / Rainer Krockauer (Hrsg.): Macht und Gnade. Untersuchungen zu einem konstitutiven Spannungsfeld der Pastoral, Münster 2005. pp. 303-316   Other Book section Link
Weihe 2005 Cooperative Fair Trade Coffee: The U.S. Experience     English Report Link
Weihe 2005 An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperatives: A Methodology   This research was carried out with my assistance with an intern, Kate Surber English Report Link
Raynolds, Murray, Taylor 2004 Fair Trade Coffee: Building Producer Capacity via global Networks Journal of International Development 16   English Journal  
Linton, Liou, Shaw 2004 A Taste of Trade Justice: Marketing Global Social Responsibility via Fair Trade Coffee Globalizations 1 (2) paper available from the author English Journal Link
Moore 2004 The Fair Trade movement: parameters, issues and future research Journal of Business Ethics 53 (1-2) : 73-86.   English Journal  
Otero 2004 Cahier de la Chaire de responsabilité sociale et de développement durable (04) : 25. CRSDD Publication Spanish Other Link
Goodman 2004 Reading Fair Trade: Political Ecological Imaginary and the Moral Economy of Fair Trade Foods Political Geography 23 (7)   English Journal Link
Wells 2004 How Ethical are Ethical Purchasing Policies? Journal of Academic Ethics 2 (1) : 119-140.   English Journal  
Anderson, Riedl 2004 Fair Trade: The Scope of the Debate International Society of Business Ethics   English Journal  
Grimes 2004 Changing the Rules of Trade with Global Partnerships: The Fair Trade Movement Social Movements: An Anthropological Reader Blackwell Publishing, June Nash ed. English Book section  
Cycon 2004 Fair Trade Road Map     English Other Link
Doane, West 2004 Trading in Coffee Anthropology News 45 (9) : 22.   English Journal  
Fridell 2004 The Fair Trade Network in Historical Perspective Canadian Journal of Development Studies 25 (3)   English Journal  
Fridell 2004 The University and the Moral Imperative of Fair Trade Coffee Journal of Academic Ethics 2 (1)   English Journal  
Grimes 2004 A Guide for Retailers: Creating a Successful Fair Trade Buisness     English Book Link
Thorpe 2004 Better Than Fair Developments - The International Development Magazine 25 pp. 2-7   English Other Link
Tiffen 2004 Chains of Fortune: Linking Women Producers and Workers with Global Markets Commonwealth Secretariat   English Other  
Tiffen 2004 A Chocolate-Coated Case for Alternative International Business Models Development in Practice 12 (3-4) : 383-397.   English Journal  
Tok Blong Pacifik 2004 Beyond Sweatshops: Fair Trade, Co-Op Development, and the Birth of a New Economy Tok Blong Pacifik 3 pp. 1   English Report Link
Hughes 2004 Accounting for Ethical Trade: Global Commodity Networks, Virtualism, and the Audit Economy Geographies of Commodities Routledge, London (S. Reimer and A. Hughes eds.) English Book section  
Jaffee, Jack R. Kloppenburg, Mario B. Monroy 2004 Rural Sociology 69 (2) : 169-196.   English Journal Link
Lindsey 2004 Grounds for Complaint: Fair Trade and the Coffee Crisis   Adam Smith Institute/Cato Institute English Journal Link
Walsh 2004 Fair Trade in the Fields: Outcomes for Peruvian Coffee Producers Massachusetts Institute of Technology   English Dissert.  
Wright 2004 Consuming lives, consuming landscapes: interpreting advertisements for Cafedirect coffees Journal of International Development 16 (5) : 665-80.   English Journal  
Hudson, Hudson 2004 Justice, Sustainability, and the Fair Trade Movement: A Case Study of Coffee Production in Chiapas Social Justice 31 (3)   English Journal Link
Chatzidakis, Hibbert, Mitussis, Smith 2004 Virtue in Consumption? Journal of Marketing Management 20 pp. 527-544   English Journal Link
Giovannucci, Weingart 2004 Rural Energy: A Practical Primer for Productive Applications   ESMAP Department World Bank English Report Link
Lewin, Giovannucci, Varangis 2004 Coffee Markets: New Paradigms in Global Supply and Demand   World Bank English Book Link
Wright 2004 Journal of International Development 16 (5) : 665-680.   English Journal Link
Faure 2004   Published by la Chaire de coopération Guy Bernier - UQAM - Montreal - Qc - Canada French Dissert. Link
Linton, Liou, Shaw 2004 A Taste of Trade Justice: Marketing Global Social Responsibility via Fair Trade Coffee Globalizations 1 (2) paper available from the authors English Journal Link

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