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Ozcaglar-Toulouse, Shiu, Shaw 2006 In Search of Fair Trade: Ethical Consumer Decision-making in France International Journal of Consumer Studies 30 (5) special issue: Promoting and Debating Political and Ethical Consumerism around the World English Journal Link
Moore, Gibbon, Slack 2006 The mainstreaming of Fair Trade: a macromarketing perspective Journal of Strategic Marketing 14 (4)   English Journal  
McGregor 2006 International Journal of Consumer Studies 30 (3) : 235-246.   English Journal Link
McGregor 2006 International Journal of Consumer Studies 30 (2) : 164-178.   English Journal Link
McGregor 2006 Transformative Practice   Publisher Kappa Omicron Nu English Book Link
Hira, Ferrie 2006 Fair Trade: Three Key Challenges for Reaching the Mainstream Journal of Business Ethics 63 (2) : 107-18.   English Journal  
Nelson, Martin, Morris, Omosa, Ewert 2006 Briefing paper No.4: Comparative Livelihood Impacts of Codes of Practice in the Kenyan Cut Flower and South African Wine Industries   from DFID-PASS, NRI Briefing Papers Series on Code Impact English Report Link
Gendron, Bisaillon, Otero 2006 The Institutionalization of Fair Trade: More than a Degraded Form of Social Action Cahier de la Chaire de responsabilité sociale et de développement durable (12) : 38.   English Other Link
Diaz Pedregal 2006 Paris, Harmattan pp. 290   French Book Link
Lyon 2006 Evaluating Fair Trade Consumption: Politics, Defetishization, and Producer Participation International Journal of Consumer Studies 30 (5) : 452-465.   English Journal  
Tallontire 2006 The Origins of Alternative Trade and Fairtrade - Moving into the mainstream, in Barrientos Ethical Sourcing in the Global Food Chain: Challenges and Opportunities   English Book section  
Lyon 2006 Migratory Imaginations: The Commodification and Contradictions of Shade Grown Coffee Social Anthropology 14 (3) : 377-390.   English Journal  
Lyon 2006 Just Java: Roasting Fair Trade Coffee Fast Food—Slow Food: The Economic Anthropology of the Global Food System pp. 241-258   English Book section  
Ronchi 2006 Fairtrade and Market Failures in Agricultural Commodity Markets World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series (no. 4011)   English Journal Link
Le Velly 2006 Revue française de sociologie 47 (2) : 319-340.   French Journal Link
Le Velly 2006 Gilles Lazuech et Pascale Moulévrier (éds.), Contributions à une sociologie des conduites économiques,   French Book section  
Haynes 2006 Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Société et Environnement, 10 (4)   French Journal  
Haynes 2006 Economie solidaire et commerce équitable : acteurs et actrices d’Europe et d’Amérique Latine coédition Université catholique de Louvain- IUED, Genève. French Book section  
Haynes 2006   Colloque Urgence, Solidarité Gouvernance et Développement. Université d’Artois. Association Tiers Monde. Arras. 22-24 mai 2006 French Report  
Charlier, Haynes, Bach, Mayet, Yepez, Mormont 2006   Bruxelles: Politique Scientifique Fédérale English Report Link
Huybrechts, Mertens, Xhauflair 2006 Gestion - Revue internationale de Gestion 31 (2)   French Journal Link
Bastian 2006 Keeping Fair Trade Fair in Mexico NACLA Report on the Americas 39 (6) : 6-9.   English Report  
Dicum, Luddinger 2006 The Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry from the Crop to the Last Drop pp. 232 New Press, New York English Book Link
Ericson 2006 The Conscious Consumer: Promoting Economic Justice Through Fair Trade pp. 37 Fair Trade Resource Network English Book Link
Fair Trade Media 2006 Business Unusual pp. 187 FairTrade Advocacy Office (FLO, IFAT, NEWS and EFTA) English Book Link
Martinez-Torres 2006 Organic Coffee: Sustainable Development by Mayan Farmers pp. 208 Ohio University English Book  
Murray, Raynolds, Taylor 2006 The Future of Fair Trade Coffee: Dilemmas Facing Latin Americas Small-Scale Producers Development in Practice 16 (2)   English Journal  
Wilkinson 2006 Fair Trade Moves Centre Stage Edelstein Center on Social Research pp. 36   English Report Link
Low, Davenport 2006 Mainstreaming Fair Trade: Adoption, Assimilation, Appropriation Journal of Strategic Marketing 14 (4) : 315-328.   English Journal Link
Becchetti, Costantino 2006     Other Book Link
Becchetti, Costantino 2006 The effects of Fair Trade on marginalised producers: an impact analysis on kenyan farmers ECINEQ Working Paper Series (41)   English Journal Link
Giovannucci, Villalobos 2006 The State of Organic Coffee: 2006 US Update     English Report  
Caceres, Carimentrand, Wilkinson 2006 Fair Trade and Quinoa from the Southern Bolivian Altiplano Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization pp. 180-199 RAYNOLDS L., MURRAY D., WILKINSON J. (Eds). Londres et New York, Routledge. English Book section Link
CLAC, Bacon 2006   Assemblea de Coordinadora Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo: Domican Republic Spanish Report  
Osterhaus 2006 Business Unusual     English Book Link
Diaz Pedregal 2006 Between Institutionalization and De-institutionalisation: The Issue of Fair Trade in France Économie et Solidarités 37 (2) : 123-136.   English Journal  
Leadbetter 2006 Heart on Your Sleeve: A Study of the Consumption, Representation and Perception of Fair Trade and Fairly Traded Cotton Clothing   MSC dissertation English Dissert.  
Le Mare 2006 Fair Trade as narrative: the stories within Fair Trade Narrative Inquiry 17 (1)   English Journal  
Low 2006 Dance of the Veils: conceptualizing commercial fairtrade Économie et Solidarités 37 (2) : 90-108.   English Journal  
Chavez Becker Carlos, Arditi Benjamin 2006 Del comercio libre al comercio justo: las iniciativas de los nuevos defensores de la equidad en las relaciones norte-sur Sistema 195 pp. 29   Spanish Journal Link
Fridell 2006 Fair Trade and Neoliberalism: Assessing Emerging Perspectives Latin American Perspectives 33 (6) : 8-28.   English Journal Link
Nicholls, Opal 2005 Fair Trade: Market-driven ethical Consumption   London: Sage Publications English Book  
Smith, Barrientos 2005 Fair Trade and Ethical Trade: are there moves towards convergence? Sustainable Development 13 (3) : 190-198.   English Journal  
Linton 2005 Partnering for Sustainability: Business-NGO Alliances in the Coffee Industry Development in Practice 15 (3,4) paper available from the author English Journal Link
Mellor, Moore 2005 Business for a social purpose: Traidcraft and Shared Interest Development 48 (1) : 84-91.   English Journal  
McGregor 2005 Structural adjustment programs and human well-being International Journal of Consumer Studies 29 (3) : 170-180.   English Journal Link
McGregor 2005 Sustainable consumer empowerment through critical consumer education: A taxonomy of consumer education approaches International Journal of Consumer Studies 29 (5) : 437-447.   English Journal Link
Nelson, Martin, Ewert 2005 Assessing the social impact of codes of practice in African export agriculture Development in Practice 15 (3/4)   English Journal Link
Young, Utting 2005 Editorial: Fair Trade, Business and Sustainable Development Sustainable Development 13 (4) : 139-142. Special issue on Fair Trade, Business and Sustainable Development English Journal Link
, Fosse-Gomez, Ozcaglar-Toulouse 2005 Décisions marketing 39   French Journal Link

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