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Doppler, Alma Amalia 2007 Problemas de Desarrollo 38 (149) : 181-202.   Spanish Journal Link
Utting 2007 Assessing the Impact of Fair Trade Coffee: Towards an Integrative Framework Business Ethics   English Journal Link
Macdonald 2007 Globalising Justice within Coffee Supply Chains? Fair Trade, Starbucks and the transformation of supply chain governance Third World Quarterly 28 (4)   English Journal  
Le Velly 2007 Is large-scale fair trade possible ? Edwin Zaccai (éd.), Sustainable consumption, ecology and fair trade Routledge English Book section Link
Le Velly 2007 Annales des Mines, Gérer et comprendre (89) : 15-23.   French Journal Link
Haynes 2007 In Sustainable Consumption: What Role for Consumers? Ecology and Fair Trade. Edwin ZaccaïDir. Routledge English Book section  
Huybrechts 2007 The Governance of Fair Trade Social Enterprises in Belgium Social Enterprise Journal 6 (2)   English Journal Link
Huybrechts 2007   E-book, Editions Luc Pire, Prix Vanthournout 2006 French Book Link
Raynolds, Murray 2007 Fair Trade: Contemporary Challenges and Future Prospects Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization Laura Raynolds, Douglas Murray, & John Wilkinson English Book section  
Raynolds 2007 Fair Trade Bananas: Broadening the Movement and Market in the United States Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization pp. 63-82 Laura Raynolds, Douglas Murray, & John Wilkinson English Book section  
Co-Op America 2007 Guide to Fair Trade pp. 24   English Other Link
Cycon 2007 Javatrekker: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee pp. 300 Chelsea Green, publisher English Book  
Fridell 2007 Fair Trade Coffee: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Market-Driven Social Justice pp. 336 University of Toronto Press English Book  
Raynolds, Murray, Wilkinson 2007 Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization   Routledge English Book  
Hohenegger 2007 Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West pp. 320 St. Martins Press English Book Link
Litvinoff, Madeley 2007 50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade pp. 256 Pluto Press English Book  
DeCarlo 2007 Fair Trade: A Beginners Guide   Oneworld Publications English Book Link
Becchetti, Costantino 2007 Economia e persona   Other Book section Link
Becchetti, Costantino 2007 Prodotti dal sud del mondo e mercati avanzati   Other Book section Link
Becchetti, Huybrechts 2007 The Dynamics of Fair Trade as a Mixed-Form Market Journal of Business Ethics 81 (4)   English Journal Link
Chatzidakis, Hibbert, Smith 2007 Journal of Business Ethics 74 pp. 89-100   English Journal Link
Wright, Madrid 2007 Contesting Fair Trade in Colombia's Cut-Flower Industry: A Case of Cultural Injustice Cultural Sociology 1 (2) : 255-275.   English Journal Link
Ballet, Carimentrand 2007 pp. 240 collection Transversale débats, éditions Ellipses French Book Link
Jaffee 2007 Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival University of California Press   English Book Link
Bacon, Mendez, Gliessman, Goodman, Fox 2007 Confronting the Coffee Crisis: Fair Trade, Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystems in Mexico and Central America.   Food, Energy and Environment Series MIT Press: Cambridge, MA. English Book Link
Faure 2007   Published by fibrEthik French Report Link
Davies 2007 The Eras and Participants of FairTrade: An Industry Structure/Stakeholder Perspectiveon the Growth of the Fair Trade Industry Corporate Governance Journal 7 (4) : 455-470.   English Journal Link
, Plate- Forme Pour le 2007 Guide de l'achat public Equitable pp. 41   French Other Link
Arrighetti 2007 Fair Trade, premio di prezzo e fallimenti del mercato Working Papers, Department of Economics, University of Parma (6)   Other Report Link
Le Mare 2007 Exploring the power to change: Fair trade, development and handicraft production in Bangadesh   PhD thesis, Department of Geography, Durham University English Dissert.  
Hutchens 2007 Entrepreneurship, Power and Defiance: The Globalisation of the Fair Trade Movement   The Australian National University English Report  
Raynolds, Murray, Andrew Heller 2007 Regulating Sustainability in the Coffee Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Third-Party Environmental and Social Certification Initiatives Agriculture and Human Values 24 (2) : 147-163.   English Journal Link
Cesare Zanasi, Lorenzo Paluan 2007 International marketing and trade of quality food products pp. 309-327 Contributed Paper prepared for presentation at the 105th EAAE Seminar ‘International Marketing and International Trade of Quality Food Products’, Bologna, Italy, March 8-10, 2007 eds. English Book section Link
Fichtl 2007 The Fair Trade Movement in Historical Perspective: Explaining the "In and Against the Market" Predicament     English Dissert. Link
Low, Davenport 2007 Journal of Consumer Behaviour 6 (5) : 1-13 .   English Journal  
Dorothy E. Smith, Hussey 2007 Making change in municipalities; making municipalities change Rural Women Making Change   English Report Link
Johann Wolfgang Schn 2007 pp. 215   Other Report Link
Fridell 2007 Fair Trade Coffee and Commodity Fetishism: The Limits of Market-Driven Social Justice Historical Materialism 15 (4) : 79-104.   English Journal Link
Braunholz 2007 Der Wettlauf um die braune Bohne Kaffeeklatsch 30 Kaffeekampagne El Salvador Other Report Link
Raynolds, Wilkinson 2007 Fair Trade in the Agriculture and Food Sector: Analytical Dimensions Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization pp. 33-47 Laura Raynolds, Douglas Murray, & John Wilkinson English Book section  
Raynolds, Long 2007 Fair/Alternative Trade: Historical and Empirical Dimensions Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization pp. 15-32 Laura Raynolds, Douglas Murray, & John Wilkinson English Book section  
Murray, Raynolds 2007 Globalization and its Antinomies: Negotiating a Fair Trade Movement Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization Laura Raynolds, Douglas Murray, & John Wilkinson English Book section  
, Blili 2006 Fair Trade Channels: Are we Killing the Romantics? International Journal of Sustainability 2 (1) : 187-196.   English Journal Link
Barrientos, Dolan 2006 Ethical Sourcing in the global Food System   London: Earthscan English Book  
Maseland, de Vaal 2006 The Debate about International Trade: a small step towards creating one   EAEPE Conference, November 2-4 2006; Istanbul English Report  
Barrientos, Smith 2006 The ETI Code of Labour Practice: Do Workers Really Benefit?   Institute of Development Studies, Sussex English Report Link
Huybrechts 2006 in C. Bourreau-Dubois & B. Jeandidier (dir.), Economie sociale et Droit 2 pp. 53-67 XXVIè Journées de l’Association d’Economie Sociale (AES), 7 et 8 septembre 2006, Nancy, L’Harmattan French Report Link
Doppler 2006     Spanish Dissert.  
Osterhaus 2006 World trade contradictions and the Fair Trade response Business Unusual - Successes and Challenges of Fair Trade Fair Trade Advocacy Office English Book Link
Doppler, 2006 Fair Trade: Benefits and Drawbacks for Producers. Puente@Europa no. 2/06: Fair Trade: Analytical Challenges and Perspectives of Action pp. 31-35 English translation available Spanish Journal Link

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