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Huybrechts 2009 Explaining Organisational Diversity in Fair Trade Social Enterprises PhD Thesis HEC Management School, University of Liège English Dissert. Link
Low, Davenport 2009 Organisational Ethics and Marketing Fair and Ethical Trade Journal of Business Ethics 86 (S1) : 97-108.   English Journal  
Brown 2009 The Social Dynamics and Durability of Moral Boundaries Sociological Forum 24 (4) : 854-876.   English Journal Link
Jaffee, Candace Archer, Coscione, Varangis, Johnson, Reed, Edwards, Valkila, Varul, Doppler 2009     English Report  
Baldo 2009 The Fair Trade Dichotomy - Understanding the Current Debate on Economic Fairness   MA Thesis awarded by the Philosophical Faculty of Albert-Ludwig-University (Freiburg, Germany) and the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (Durban, South Africa) in partnership with JNU University (New Delhi, India) English Dissert. Link
Edward 2009 Business and development - Towards re-politicisation Journal of International Development 21 pp. 819-833 Draws on paper at conference of Development Studies Association, November 2008 English Journal  
Tallontire 2009 Top heavy? Governance issues and policy decisions for the fair trade movement Journal of International Development 21 pp. 1004-1014   English Journal  
Raschke 2009 Grünewald-Verlag (edition) pp. 533   Other Dissert. Link
Cabilo 2009 From North to South: Campaigning for Fair Trade in the Philippines Localizing and Transnationalizing Contentious Politics: Global Civil Society Movements in the Philippines   English Book section Link
Le Velly 2009 Innovations, cahiers d'économie de l'innovation 30 pp. 99-113   French Journal Link
Brown 2008 Framing a Fair Trade Life: Tensions in the Fair Trade Marketplace Lived Experiences of Public Consumption: Encounters with Value in Marketplaces on Five Continents ed. Daniel Cook, Palgrave McMillan English Book section Link
Howard, Allen 2008 Consumer willingness to pay for domestic 'fair trade': evidence from the United States Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 23 (3) : 235-242.   English Journal Link
Fridell, Hudson, Hudson 2008 With Friends Like These: The corporate response to fair trade Review of Radical Political Economics 40 (1) : 8-34.   English Journal Link
Byers, Giovannucci, Liu 2008 Value-adding Standards in the North American Food Market: Trade Opportunities in Certified Products for Developing Countries.   Edited by Pascal Liu English Book Link
Giovannucci, Alice Byers, Liu 2008 Adding Value: Certified Coffee Trade in North America. Value-adding Standards in the North American Food Market:Trade Opportunities in Certified Products for Developing Countries. Pascal Liu (Ed.), English Book section Link
Fridell, Hudson, Hudson 2008 With Friends Like These: The Corporate Response to Fair Trade Review of Radical Political Economics 40 (1)   English Journal Link
Ballet, Carimentrand 2008 Les nouvelles figures des marchés agro-alimentaires : apports croisés de l’économie, de la sociologie et de la gestion. DREYFUS F., CHIFFOLEAU Y., TOUZARD J.-M. (Cord.). Editions Quae/ Symposciences French Book section Link
Le Velly 2008 Gestion, revue internationale de gestion 33 (1) : 59-65.   French Journal Link
Le Velly 2008 Yuna Chiffoleau, Fabrice Dreyfus, Jean-Marc Touzard (éds.), Les nouvelles figures des marchés agroalimentaires. Apports croisés de la sociologie, de l’économie et de la gestion Versailles, éditions Quae French Book section Link
Smith 2008 BRASS Comment and Analysis Pape   English Report Link
M-SOK 2008   French Dissert. Link
Bacon, Mendez, Flores Gomez, Stuart, Diaz Flores 2008 Are Sustainable Coffee Certifications Enough to Secure to Secure Farmer Livelihoods: The Millenium Development Goals and Nicaragua's Fair Trade Cooperatives Globalizations 5 (2) : 259–274.   English Report Link
Lechevalier, Derriennic, David, Bentaleb 2008 Savoirs Communs (4) This volume presents two pieces of studies : "Coopération décentralisée et Commerce Equitable" and "Migrants et commerce équitable". French Report Link
Arnould, Plastina, Ball 2008 Does Fair Trade Deliver on Its Core Value Proposition? Effects on Income, Educational Attainment, and Health in Three Countries Journal of Public Policy & Marketing forthcoming English Journal  
Varul 2008 Consuming the Campesino: Fairtrade Marketing between Recognition and Romantic Commodification Cultural Studies 22 (5)   English Journal Link
Varul 2008 Ethical Selving in Cultural Context: Fairtrade Consumption as an Everyday Ethical Practice in the UK and Germany   Paper presented at the 3rd Fair Trade International Symposium 14th-16th May 2008, Montpellier, France English Report Link
Varul 2008 Fair Trade Consumerism as an Everyday Ethical Practice - A Comparative Perspective: Results and Policy Implications   Final report on ESRC funded research project English Report Link
Huybrechts, Defourny 2008 Are Fair Trade Organizations necessarily Social Enterprises? Social Enterprise Journal 4   English Journal Link
Coscione 2008 BOOK Editorial: LOS LIBROS DE LA CATARATA Spanish Book Link
2008 Commerce équitable, 20 réponses pour agir pp. 176 Editions Michalon French Book Link
Coscione 2008 Circunstancia VI (17) Fundacion Ortega y Gasset - Madrid Spanish Journal Link
Davies 2008 Alliances and Networks: Creating Success in the UK Fair Trade Market Journal of Business Ethics 86 pp. 109-126   English Journal Link
Davies 2008 Who to work with: Ethical Dilemmas at Day/Divine Chocolate Markeitng - text book by Baines, Fill & Page English Book section Link
Davies, Knox 2008 Cafedirect a fair trade pioneer European Cas Clearing House Teaching case study English Other  
Diaz Pedregal 2008 Par-delà l’économicisme. La querelle des primats de l’économique et du social. Paris, L’Harmattan, pp. 133-145 Ivan Sainsaulieu (ed.) French Book section Link
, Diaz Pedregal, Ozcaglar-Toulouse 2008 Journal of Macromarketing 28 (1) : 44-52.   English Journal Link
, Ozcaglar-Toulouse 2008     French Report  
, Ozcaglar-Toulouse, Diaz Pedregal 2008 Journal of Macromarketing 28 (1) : 44-52.   English Report  
Coscione 2008 GEOGRÁFICA DIGITAL ISSN 1668-5180 5 (10) Instituto de Geografía (IGUNNE), Facultad de Humanidades, UNNE Spanish Journal Link
, Claire Parmentier, 2008 pp. 152   French Report Link
INC, Plate- Forme Pour le 2008 pp. 34   French Other Link
Le Mare 2008 The impact of FairTrade on social and economic development: a review of the literature Geography Compass 2 (6) : 1922-1942.   English Journal  
Sandy Wynne 2008 The Challenges of Marketing Fair Trade   Master's thesis English Other Link
Smith 2008 BRASS Comment and Analysis Paper   English Other Link
Cole 2008 On the Cultural Logic of Ethical Capitalism Consumer Studies Research Network Newsletter 9 (2) : 1-2.   English Other Link
GRET 2008     English Report Link
Ruggeri 2008 Commercio equo, strumento per uno sviluppo umano, partecipato e sostenibile pp. 93   Other Dissert. Link
Krier 2008 Fair Trade 2007:new facts and figures from an ongoing success story. A report on Fair Trade in 33 consumer countries. pp. 160   English Book Link
Low, Davenport 2008 How to be Good - merging Fairtrade labelling and institutional trust models of governance to regulate cotton clothing   Conference Proceedings for 2008 Fair Trade International Symposium English Other  

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