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Smith 2010 Responding to Commentary? Changes in the Regulations of the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (on defining small farmers and development practice) BRASS Comment and Analysis Paper   English Other Link
Smith 2010 LACK OF RIGOUR IN DEFENDING Fairtrade: Some important clarifications of a distorting account - a reply to Peter Griffiths Economic Affairs 30 (2)   English Report Link
Adams, Raisborough 2010 Making a difference: ethical consumption and the everyday British Journal of Sociology 61 (2) : 256-274.   English Journal Link
Reed, Thomson, Hussey, LeMay 2010 Developing a Normatively-Grounded Research Agenda for Fair Trade: Examining the Case of Canada Journal of Business Ethics 92 (S2) : 151-179.   English Journal Link
Reed, Thomson, Hussey, LeMay 2010 Developing a Normatively-Grounded Research Agenda for Fair Trade: Examining the Case of Canada Journal of Business Ethics   English Journal Link
Goodman 2010 The mirror of consumption: Celebritization, developmental consumption and the shifting cultural politics of fair trade Geoforum 41 (1) : 104-116.   English Journal Link
Goodman 2010 Ethical foodscapes?: premises, promises, and possibilities Environment and Planning A 42 (8) : 1782-1796.   English Journal Link
Jaffee 2010 Fair Trade Standards, Corporate Participation, and Social Movement Responses in the United States Journal of Business Ethics 92 (2) : 267-285.   English Journal Link
Raschke 2010 Fairer Handel am Scheideweg? Standortbestimmung zwischen Nischenexistenz und Massenmarkt Stimmen der Zeit 11/2010, 228 (11) : 743-752.   Other Journal Link
Raschke 2010 Fair Trade at a Crossroads? Position-fixing between Niche Existence and Mass Market Stimmen der Zeit 228 (11) : 743-752. english translation English Journal Link
Kleemann, Effenberger 2010 Kiel Working Paper, 1626, Kiel Institute for the World Economy pp. 25   English Journal Link
Huybrechts 2010 Fair Trade Organizations in Belgium: Unity in Diversity? Journal of Business Ethics 92 (2) : 217-240. Special issue "Fair Trade in different national contexts" (editors Huybrechts and Reed) English Journal Link
Huybrechts, Reed 2010 Introduction: Fair Trade in Different National Contexts Journal of Business Ethics 92 (2) : 147-150.   English Journal Link
Huybrechts 2010 in: Turcotte, Marie-France; Hervieux, Chantal (Eds.) Mettre en marché pour une cause : Enjeux commerciaux et impacts du commerce équitable Book based on contributions to the FTIS international conference on Fair Trade in Montreal (2006) French Book section Link
Huybrechts 2010 in Degavre, F.; Desmette, D.; Mangez, E. (Eds.) et al Transformations et innovations économiques et sociales en Europe : quelles sorties de crise ? Regards interdisciplinaires   French Book section Link
Lindsey Moore 2010 Reading Tea Leaves: The Impact of Mainstreaming Fair Trade Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics 10 (106) : 34.   English Journal Link
Fridell 2010 Fair Trade, Free Trade, and the State New Political Economy 15 (3) : 457-470.   English Journal Link
Reck 2010   M.Sc. Thesis 'International Development Studies' at the University of Amsterdam English Other Link
Weihe 2010 How Certifications Affect Cocoa Cooperatives     English Report Link
Bertrandias, Pernin 2010 Comprendre l'intention d'adhérer à une AMAP : une approche par la théorie du comportement planifié pp. 21 15e Journées de Recherche en Marketing de Bourgogne French Other Link
Moore, Slack, Gibbon 2009 Criteria for Responsible Business Practice in SMEs: An exploratory case of U.K. Fair Trade Organisations Journal of Business Ethics In press - expected to be published in 2009 English Journal  
Davies 2009 CSR in SMEs: Investigating Employee Engagement in Fair Trade Companies Business Ethics: A European Review 19 (2) : 126-139. Was forthcoming - now unsure English Journal Link
Davies, Ryals 2009 How social entrepreneurial organizations create value through social capital Journal of Business Venturing Forthcoming English Journal  
Davies, Doherty, Knox 2009 The Rise and Stall of a Fair Trade Pioneer: The Cafedirect Story Journal of Business Ethics 92 (1) : 127-147. Forthcoming English Journal Link
Reed 2009 What do Corporations have to do with Fair Trade? Positive and Normative Analysis from a Value Chain Perspective Journal of Business Ethics 86 (S1) : 3-26.   English Journal Link
Reed, Crowell 2009 FAIR TRADE: A MODEL FOR INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION AMONG CO-OPERATIVES? CO-OPERATIVES IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY: THE CHALLENGES OF CO-OPERATION ACROSS BORDERS pp. 141-177 D. Reed and J.J. Mcmurtry, eds., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle. English Book section Link
Coscione 2009 As Europeans, what would we be willing to accept? e-International Relations (e-IR) English Other Link
Anderson 2009 Consumerism and the Co-operative movement in modern British history Editors, Lawrence Black and Nicole Robertson, Manchester University Press English Book section Link
, Blili 2009 Fair Trade Managerial Practices: Strategy, Organisation and Engagement Journal of Business Ethics 90 (1) : 95-113.   English Journal Link
, Blili 2009 Ethical Products and Consumer Involvement: What's New? European Journal of Marketing 44 (9)   English Journal Link
Hutchens 2009 Changing Big Business. The Globalisation of the Fair Trade Movement   Edward Elgar English Book Link
Raynolds, Siphelo U. Ngcwangu 2009 Fair Trade Rooibos Tea: Connecting South African Producers and American Consumer Markets Geoforum 41 (1) : 74-83.   English Journal Link
Raynolds 2009 Mainstreaming Fair Trade Coffee: From Partnership to Traceability World Development 37 (6) : 1083-1093.   English Journal Link
Stenzel 2009 WHY FAIR TRADE IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE, SUSTAINABILITY, AND FREE TRADE: SEEKING EQUILIBRIUM AS THE EAGLE MEETS THE CONDOR 2009 Proceedings of the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business 200 pp. 1-15 Conference Proceedings, Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Chicago, Ill. English Report Link
Stenzel 2009 What is Fair Trade? globalEDGE Business Review 2 (5) : 1-2. On-line business journal, Administered by the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) English Other Link
Edwards 2009 Sustainability: Quality of Life for Artisans Practicing the Fair Trade Business Model Proquest # 3360098 English Dissert. Link
Anderson 2009 NGOs and Fair Trade: The Social Movement Behind the Label NGOs in Contemporary Britain Editors: N. Crowson, M. Hilton and J. McKay English Book section Link
Frundt 2009 Fair Bananas! Farmers, Workers and Consumers Strive to Change an Industry     English Book Link
Reed, Mukherjee 2009 FAIR TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT: What are the Implications of Mainstreaming? Universitas Forum 1 (2)   English Journal Link
Hudson, Hudson 2009 Dissecting the Boom: Is Fair Trade Growing Out of Its Roots? (Review Essay) Historical Materialism 17 pp. 237-252 Review Essay of Jaffee; Fridell; Raynolds et. al. English Journal  
Valkila, Nygren 2009 Impacts of fair trade certification on coffee farmers, cooperatives, and laborers in Nicaragua Agriculture and Human Values DOI 10.1007/s10460-009-9208-7 English Journal  
Valkila 2009 Ecological Economics doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2009.07.002 English Journal  
, , pauline Audebert 2009 1 pp. 50   French Report Link
2009 Producers and the fair trade distribution systems: what are the benefits and problems? Sustainable Development 19 pp. 60-70   English Journal Link
Fisher 2009 Policy Arena. Introduction: The Policy Trajectory of Fair Trade J. Int. Dev 21 (7) : 985-1003.   English Journal Link
Arce 2009 Living in times of solidarity:Fair Trade and the fractured life worlds of Guatemalan Coffe Farmers Journal of International Development (21) : 1031-1041.   English Journal Link
Varul 2009 Ethical Consumption: The Case of Fair Trade Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, SH 49 Wirtschaftssoziologie pp. 366-385   English Journal Link
Varul 2009 Ethical Selving in Cultural Contexts: Fairtrade Consumption as an Everyday Ethical Practice in the UK and in Germany International Journal of Consumer Studies 33 (2) : 183-189.   English Journal Link
Varul 2009 fairtrade: internationalism by supermarket unfinished blog and e-IR opinion piece English Other Link
Smith 2009 Fair Trade, Diversification and Structural Change: Towards a Broader Theoretical Framework of Analysis Oxford Journal of Development Studies 37 (4) : 457 - 478.   English Journal Link

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