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Stenn 2011 Comercio Justo and Justice: An examination of Fair Trade Conference Paper: Sixth Forum of the World Association for Political Economy, May 2011 pp. 20 Responses to Capitalist Crisis: Neoliberalism and Beyond, May 27 to May 29, 2011, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA English Other Link
Brown 2011 Interaction Ritual Chains and the Mobilization of Conscientious Consumers Qualitative Sociology 34 (1)   English Journal Link
Davies, Zoe Lee 2011 Do consumers care about ethical luxury Journal of Business Ethics Forthcoming English Journal  
Coscione 2011 BOOK pp. 460 editor: Fundacion Global Democracia y Desarrollo (Funglode) Spanish Book Link
Coscione 2011 Comercio Justo en la Republica Dominicana IMPULSAR   Spanish Other Link
Makita 2011 A confluence of Fair Trade and organic agriculture in southern India Development in Practice 21 (2) : 205-217.   English Journal Link
Fridell 2011 The Case Against Cheap Bananas: Lessons from the EU-Caribbean Banana Agreement Critical Sociology 37 (3) : 351-374.   English Journal Link
Varul 2011   Presentation at the Research Workshop “Emerging Issues in Uncertainty and Ethical Consumption”, 13th June 2011, University of Glasgow English Other Link
Coscione 2011 Las Respuestas del Comercio Justo a las Barreras de Mercado Revista OBSERVA-RD 2 (4) FUNGLODE editor Spanish Other Link
Ian Hussey 2011 Fair trade and empire: An anti-capitalist critique of the fair trade movement Briarpatch magazine Sept/Oct 2011 special issue on food and agriculture English Other Link
Jaffee 2011 Fair Trade and Development: A Changing Paradigm The Politics of Fair Trade pp. 87-104 Meera Warrier (ed.) London: Routledge English Book section Link
Stenn 2011 Comercio Justo and Justice: An Examination of Fair Trade and its Effect on Indigenous Bolivian Knitters. pp. 351 Disciplines: Economics, Anthropology English Dissert. Link
Coscione 2011 El desafio del Comercio Justo REVISTA MERCADO Junio de 2011 Spanish Other Link
Le Velly 2011 Revue Tiers Monde 207 pp. 133-149   French Journal Link
Le Velly 2011 Citizenship and Consumption: Mobilisation in Alternative Food Systems in France Sociologia Ruralis 51 (3) : 304-323.   English Journal Link
Le Velly 2011 Ethique & Economique 8 (2) : 152-166.   French Journal Link
Pemberton 2011 Studies in Political Economy 87   English Journal Link
Coscione 2011 Consejo Dominicano de Relaciones Internacionales   Spanish Other Link
Shorette 2011 Fair Trade and the Double Movement: The Promise and Contradictions of Improving Labor Standards in the Global South via Market Mechanisms Journal of Workplace Rights 15 (3-4) : 461-481.   English Journal Link
Coscione 2011 Otra Economía 5 (9) : 126-138. julio-diciembre 2011 - Unisinos Spanish Journal Link
Stenn 2011 Fair Trade and Justice: An examination of Fair Trade and its impact on indigenous Bolivian women.   Conference paper presented at ASSA (Allied Social Science Association) Annual Meeting, Chicago English Report  
, Blili 2011 Segmenting the Market Through the Determinants of Involvement: The Case of Fair Trade Psychology & Marketing 28 (7) : 682-708.   English Journal Link
Quaas 2011 Selling Coffee to Raise Awareness for Development Policy. The Emerging Fair Trade Market in Western Germany in the 1970s Historical Social Research 36 (3) : 164-181. HSR Special Issue: Klaus Nathaus & David Gilgen (Eds.): Change of Markets and Market Societies: Concepts and Case Studies English Journal  
2011 Fair Trade in Peru: An Analysis of the Current Situation The Student Journal of Latin American Studies (2) : 37-54.   English Journal Link
Chavez Becker Carlos, Veronica Patraca 2011 Argumentos 24 (65) : 229-259.   Spanish Journal Link
Wright 2010 Fairtrade Food: Connecting Producers and Consumers The Globalization of Food pp. 139-157 Edited by David Inglis and Debra Gimlin English Book section Link
Jaffee, Howard 2010 Corporate cooptation of organic and fair trade standards Agriculture and Human Values 27 (4) : 387-399.   English Journal Link
Candace Archer, Stefan Fritsch 2010 Global fair trade: Humanizing globalization and reintroducing the normative to international political economy Review of International Political Economy 17 (1) : 103-128.   English Journal  
Coscione 2010 Los criterios del comercio justo y los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio REVISTA GLOBAL (31) : 14-20. Revista bimestral de la Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) Spanish Report Link
Elizabeth Best 2010 What's In a Label? Miller-McCune   English Other Link
Low, Davenport 2010 Humanistic Management in Practice, How Responsible Businesses Create Success Stories Forthcoming publication by Palgrave. M. Pirson, E. von Kimakowitz, H. Spitzeck, W. Amann and S. Khan (eds.) English Book section  
Smith 2010 Responding to Commentary? Changes in the Regulations of the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (on defining small farmers and development practice) BRASS Comment and Analysis Paper   English Other Link
Smith 2010 LACK OF RIGOUR IN DEFENDING Fairtrade: Some important clarifications of a distorting account - a reply to Peter Griffiths Economic Affairs 30 (2)   English Report Link
Adams, Raisborough 2010 Making a difference: ethical consumption and the everyday British Journal of Sociology 61 (2) : 256-274.   English Journal Link
Reed, Thomson, Hussey, LeMay 2010 Developing a Normatively-Grounded Research Agenda for Fair Trade: Examining the Case of Canada Journal of Business Ethics 92 (S2) : 151-179.   English Journal Link
Reed, Thomson, Hussey, LeMay 2010 Developing a Normatively-Grounded Research Agenda for Fair Trade: Examining the Case of Canada Journal of Business Ethics   English Journal Link
Goodman 2010 The mirror of consumption: Celebritization, developmental consumption and the shifting cultural politics of fair trade Geoforum 41 (1) : 104-116.   English Journal Link
Goodman 2010 Ethical foodscapes?: premises, promises, and possibilities Environment and Planning A 42 (8) : 1782-1796.   English Journal Link
Jaffee 2010 Fair Trade Standards, Corporate Participation, and Social Movement Responses in the United States Journal of Business Ethics 92 (2) : 267-285.   English Journal Link
Raschke 2010 Fairer Handel am Scheideweg? Standortbestimmung zwischen Nischenexistenz und Massenmarkt Stimmen der Zeit 11/2010, 228 (11) : 743-752.   Other Journal Link
Raschke 2010 Fair Trade at a Crossroads? Position-fixing between Niche Existence and Mass Market Stimmen der Zeit 228 (11) : 743-752. english translation English Journal Link
Kleemann, Effenberger 2010 Kiel Working Paper, 1626, Kiel Institute for the World Economy pp. 25   English Journal Link
Huybrechts 2010 Fair Trade Organizations in Belgium: Unity in Diversity? Journal of Business Ethics 92 (2) : 217-240. Special issue "Fair Trade in different national contexts" (editors Huybrechts and Reed) English Journal Link
Huybrechts, Reed 2010 Introduction: Fair Trade in Different National Contexts Journal of Business Ethics 92 (2) : 147-150.   English Journal Link
Huybrechts 2010 in: Turcotte, Marie-France; Hervieux, Chantal (Eds.) Mettre en marché pour une cause : Enjeux commerciaux et impacts du commerce équitable Book based on contributions to the FTIS international conference on Fair Trade in Montreal (2006) French Book section Link
Huybrechts 2010 in Degavre, F.; Desmette, D.; Mangez, E. (Eds.) et al Transformations et innovations économiques et sociales en Europe : quelles sorties de crise ? Regards interdisciplinaires   French Book section Link
Lindsey Moore 2010 Reading Tea Leaves: The Impact of Mainstreaming Fair Trade Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics 10 (106) : 34.   English Journal Link
Fridell 2010 Fair Trade, Free Trade, and the State New Political Economy 15 (3) : 457-470.   English Journal Link
Reck 2010   M.Sc. Thesis 'International Development Studies' at the University of Amsterdam English Other Link
Weihe 2010 How Certifications Affect Cocoa Cooperatives     English Report Link

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