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Kunz 1987 Dritte Welt Laeden. Einordnung und Ueberpruefung eines entwicklungspolitischen Bildungsmodells.     Other Dissert. Link
Boyard 1992 The Fair Trade Fraud pp. 336 Palgrave Macmillan. publisher English Book  
Clay 1992 Why Rainforest Crunch? Cultural Survival Quarterly 16 (2) : 31-46.   English Journal  
Elkin 1992 Fairer Trade: Nonprofit Alternative Trade Organizations World Watch 5 (4) : 5.   English Journal  
Scott 1992 The Advent of a Cottage Industry of Hmong Paj Ntaub Textiles in Southern California: The roles of an entrepreneur-patron, an applied anthropologist-broker, and a shopping mall sale Human Organization 5 (3) : 284-298.   English Journal  
Brown 1993 Fair Trade: Reform and Realities in the International Trading System     English Book  
Eber, Rosenbaum 1993 That We May Serve Beneath Your Hands and Feet: Women Weavers in Highland Chiapas, Mexico Crafts in the World Market pp. 103-122 SUNY Albany (June Nash ed) English Book section  
Mehta 1993 TransFair Coffee for a good feeling Tea and Coffee trade Journal 166 (6) : 22-25.   English Other  
Mehta 1994 Fair Trade Coffee: do direct imported coffees provide better opportunities for producing countries? Tea and Coffee Trade Journal 166 (11) : 70-72.   English Journal  
Littrell 1995 Yoruba textiles and alternative trade   Proceddings of the Textiles and Clothing Research Workshop English Other  
Kaplan 1995 World without Boundaries: The Body Shops Trans/National Geographies Social Text 13 pp. 45-66   English Other  
Thomson 1995 Business Lessons Learned: Fair trade and Community Enterprise ITDG Small Enterprise Journal 10 (4) : 6.   English Journal Link
Dickson, Littrell 1996 Socially Responsible Behaviour: Values and Attitudes of the Alternative Trading Organization Consumer Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management 1 (1) : 50-69.   English Journal  
Eteron 1996 Fair Trade: Its A Jungle Out There Natural Foods Merchandiser 10 (3) : 28-30.   English Journal  
Qizilbash 1996 Ethical Development World Development 24 (7) : 1209-1221.   English Journal  
Roseberry 1996 The Rise of Yuppie Coffees and the Reimagination of Class in the United States American Anthropologist 98 (4) : 762-775.   English Journal  
Howse, Trebilcock 1996 The Fair Trade-Free Trade Debate: Trade, Labour and the Environment International Review of Law and Economics 16 pp. 413-30   English Journal  
Strong 1996 Features Contributing to the Growth of Ethical Consumerism- A Preliminary Investigation Marketing Intelligence and Planning 14 (5) : 5-13.   English Journal  
Zadek, Tiffen 1996 Fair Trade: Business or Campaign? Journal of Society for International Development 3 pp. 48-53   English Journal  
Bird, Hughes 1997 Ethical Consumerism: The Case of "Fair Trade" Coffee Business Ethics: A European Review 6 (3) : 159-167.   English Journal  
Crowell 1997 Notes from the field: Building Fair Trade in Chiapas Cultural Survival Quarterly 21 (2) : 19-21.   English Journal  
Whatmore, Thorne 1997 Nourishing Networks: Alternative Geographies of Food Globalising Food: Agrarian Questions and Global Restructing pp. 287-304 Routledege, London. Goodman, D&M Watts English Book section  
Dickson, Littrell 1997 Consumers of Clothing from Alternative Trading Organizations: Societal Attitudes and Purchase Evaluative Criteria Clothing and Textiles Research Journal 15 (1) : 20-33.   English Journal  
Nigh 1997 Organic Agriculture and Globalization: A Maya Associative Corporation in Chiapas, Mexico Human Organization 56 pp. 427-436   English Journal  
Littrell, Marsha 1997 Althernative Trading Organizations: Shifting Paradigm in a Culture of Social Responsibility Human Organization 56 (3)   English Journal  
Rosenbaum, Goldin 1997 New Exchange Processes in the International Market: The Re-making of Maya Artisan Production in Guatemala Museum Anthropology 21 (2) : 72-82.   English Journal  
Strong 1997 The Problems of Translating Fair Trade Principles into Consumer Purchase Behaviour Marketing Intelligence and Planning 15 (1) : 32-37.   English Journal  
Strong 1997 The Role of Fair Trade Principles Within Sustainable Development Sustainable Development 5 (1) : 1-10.   English Journal  
Wilkinson-Weber, Clare 1997 Skills Dependence, and Differentiation: Artisans and Agents in the Lucknow Embroidery Industry Ethnology 36 (1) : 49-65.   English Journal  
Nelson, Malins 1998 Impact assessment of a fair trade, organic cotton scheme, Uganda   Natural Resources Institute Report. English Report Link
Blowfield, Maynard, Nelson, Collinson, Malins 1998 Ethical Trade and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods - chapter Sustainable Rural Livelihoods: What difference can we make? A DFID publication English Book Link
Castillo, Nigh 1998 Global Processes and Local Identity among Mayan Coffee Growers in Chiapas, Mexico American Anthropologist 100 (1) : 397-482.   English Journal  
Dickson, Littrell 1998 Consumers of Ethical Apparel from Alternative Trading Organizations: A Multi-Faceted Market Clothing and Textiles Research Journal 8 (1) : 1-10.   English Report  
Dickson, Littrell 1998 Organizational Culture for Small Textile and Apparel Businesses in Guatemala Clothing and Textiles Research Journal 16 (2) : 68-78.   English Journal  
Paulsen 1998 Globalization of a Special Kind Tea and Coffee Trade Journal 170 (4)   English Journal  
Page-Reeves 1998 Alpaca Sweater Design and Marketing: Problems and Prospects for Cooperative Knitting Organizations in Bolivi Human Organization 57 (1) : 83-92.   English Journal  
Remmer 1998 The effects of alternative agriculture and fair trade on the development of producer groups and their members Distribution and Marketing of Agricultural Products   English Other  
Tiffen, Zadek 1998 Dealing With and In the Global Economy: Fairer Trade in Latin America Mediating Sustainability: Growing Policy from the Grassroots pp. 163-188 Kumerian, West Hartford Blauert & S. Zadek (eds.) English Book section  
Littrell, Marsha 1998 Fair Trade Performance in a Competitive Market Clothing and Textiles Research Journal 16 (4)   English Journal  
Blowfield 1999 Ethical Trade: A Review of Developments and Issues Third World Quarterly 20 (4)   English Journal  
Wilco 1999 Fair Trade for less developed countries? Lancet 354 (917) : 65.   English Journal  
Pendergrast 1999 Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How it Transformed Our World   Basic Books (New York) English Book  
Littrell, Ogle, Kim 1999 Marketing Ethic Apparel: Single or Multiple Consumer Segments? Journal of Fasion Marketing and Management 3 (1)   English Journal  
Rice, McLean 1999 Sustainable Coffee at the Crossroads pp. 193 Washington, DC: Consumer"s Choice Council English Report Link
Thomson 1999 Lessons for Fair Trade. Small Enterprise Development ITDG Journal of Small Enterprise Development 10 (4) : 56-60.   English Journal  
Renard 1999 The interstices of globalization: the example of fair trade coffee Sociologia Ruralis 39   English Journal  
Littrell 1999 Social Responsibility in the Global Market: Fair Trade of Cultural Products   Sage Publications English Book  
Interhemispheric Res 1999 More than One Way: A World of Alternatives IRC Bulletin Mar (52) : 1-8.   English Other  
Shaw, Clark 1999 Belief Formation in Ethical Consumer Groups: An Exploratory Study Marketing Intelligence and Planning 17 (2) : 109-120.   English Journal  
Kunz 1999 Fair Trade. How does it relate to other attempts to improve working conditions in the Global Economy     English Other Link

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