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, Blili 2006 Fair Trade Channels: Are we Killing the Romantics? International Journal of Sustainability 2 (1) : 187-196.   English Journal Link
Raynolds, Murray, Taylor 2004 Fair Trade Coffee: Building Producer Capacity via global Networks Journal of International Development 16   English Journal  
Maseland, de Vaal 2002 How Fair is Fair Trade? De Economist 150 (3) : 251-272.   English Journal Link
Smith, Barrientos 2005 Fair Trade and Ethical Trade: are there moves towards convergence? Sustainable Development 13 (3) : 190-198.   English Journal  
Huybrechts 2007 Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 78 (2) : 195-218.   French Journal Link
Doppler, 2006 Fair Trade: Benefits and Drawbacks for Producers. Puente@Europa no. 2/06: Fair Trade: Analytical Challenges and Perspectives of Action pp. 31-35 English translation available Spanish Journal Link
Linton 2005 Partnering for Sustainability: Business-NGO Alliances in the Coffee Industry Development in Practice 15 (3,4) paper available from the author English Journal Link
Linton, Liou, Shaw 2004 A Taste of Trade Justice: Marketing Global Social Responsibility via Fair Trade Coffee Globalizations 1 (2) paper available from the author English Journal Link
Moore 2004 The Fair Trade movement: parameters, issues and future research Journal of Business Ethics 53 (1-2) : 73-86.   English Journal  
Ozcaglar-Toulouse, Shiu, Shaw 2006 In Search of Fair Trade: Ethical Consumer Decision-making in France International Journal of Consumer Studies 30 (5) special issue: Promoting and Debating Political and Ethical Consumerism around the World English Journal Link
Linton 2007 A Niche for Sustainability: Fair Labor and Environmentally Sound Practices in the Specialty Coffee Industry Globalizations 5 (2) paper available from the author English Journal Link
Levi, Linton 2003 Fair Trade: A Cup at a Time? Politics and Society 31 (3) paper available from the author English Journal Link
Mellor, Moore 2005 Business for a social purpose: Traidcraft and Shared Interest Development 48 (1) : 84-91.   English Journal  
Moore, Gibbon, Slack 2006 The mainstreaming of Fair Trade: a macromarketing perspective Journal of Strategic Marketing 14 (4)   English Journal  
McGregor 2006 International Journal of Consumer Studies 30 (3) : 235-246.   English Journal Link
McGregor 2006 International Journal of Consumer Studies 30 (2) : 164-178.   English Journal Link
McGregor 2005 Structural adjustment programs and human well-being International Journal of Consumer Studies 29 (3) : 170-180.   English Journal Link
McGregor 2003 Consumerism as a source of structural violence Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM Human Sciences Working Paper Series English Journal Link
McGregor 2003 Consumer entitlement, narcissism, and immoral consumption Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM Human Sciences Working Paper Series English Journal Link
McGregor 2005 Sustainable consumer empowerment through critical consumer education: A taxonomy of consumer education approaches International Journal of Consumer Studies 29 (5) : 437-447.   English Journal Link
Hira, Ferrie 2006 Fair Trade: Three Key Challenges for Reaching the Mainstream Journal of Business Ethics 63 (2) : 107-18.   English Journal  
Nicholls 2002 Strategic Options for Fair Trade Retailing International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management 30 (1)   English Journal  
Nelson, Martin, Ewert 2005 Assessing the social impact of codes of practice in African export agriculture Development in Practice 15 (3/4)   English Journal Link
Nelson, Tallontire, Collinson 2002 Assessing the benefits of ethical trade schemes for forest dependent people: a comparative experience from Peru and Ecuador International Forestry Review 4 (2)   English Journal  
Davies, Crane 2003 Ethical Decision Making in Fair Trade Companies Journal of Business Ethics 45 (1/2)   English Journal Link
Young, Utting 2005 Editorial: Fair Trade, Business and Sustainable Development Sustainable Development 13 (4) : 139-142. Special issue on Fair Trade, Business and Sustainable Development English Journal Link
Goodman 2004 Reading Fair Trade: Political Ecological Imaginary and the Moral Economy of Fair Trade Foods Political Geography 23 (7)   English Journal Link
Doppler, Alma Amalia 2007 Problemas de Desarrollo 38 (149) : 181-202.   Spanish Journal Link
, Fosse-Gomez, Ozcaglar-Toulouse 2005 Décisions marketing 39   French Journal Link
Lyon 2006 Evaluating Fair Trade Consumption: Politics, Defetishization, and Producer Participation International Journal of Consumer Studies 30 (5) : 452-465.   English Journal  
, Ozcaglar-Toulouse 2002 Revue Entreprise Ethique 17 pp. 19-26   French Journal  
Wells 2004 How Ethical are Ethical Purchasing Policies? Journal of Academic Ethics 2 (1) : 119-140.   English Journal  
Tallontire 2000 Partnerships in fair trade: reflections from a case study of Cafedirect Development in Practice 10 (2) : 166-177.   English Journal  
Tallontire 2002 Challenges Facing Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing: Which Way Now? Small Enterprise Development (Sep) : 12-24.   English Journal  
Lyon 2006 Migratory Imaginations: The Commodification and Contradictions of Shade Grown Coffee Social Anthropology 14 (3) : 377-390.   English Journal  
Utting-Chamorro 2005 Does fair trade make a difference? Development in Practice 15 (3-4) : 584–599.   English Journal Link
Utting 2007 Assessing the Impact of Fair Trade Coffee: Towards an Integrative Framework Business Ethics   English Journal Link
Macdonald 2007 Globalising Justice within Coffee Supply Chains? Fair Trade, Starbucks and the transformation of supply chain governance Third World Quarterly 28 (4)   English Journal  
Ronchi 2006 Fairtrade and Market Failures in Agricultural Commodity Markets World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series (no. 4011)   English Journal Link
Ronchi 2002 The Impact of Fairtrade on Producers and their Organizations: A case study with Coocafe in Costa Rica Poverty Research Unit at Sussex Working Paper Series (no.11)   English Journal Link
Le Velly 2007 Annales des Mines, Gérer et comprendre (89) : 15-23.   French Journal Link
Le Velly 2006 Revue française de sociologie 47 (2) : 319-340.   French Journal Link
Haynes 2006 Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Société et Environnement, 10 (4)   French Journal  
Huybrechts, Mertens, Xhauflair 2006 Gestion - Revue internationale de Gestion 31 (2)   French Journal Link
Huybrechts 2007 The Governance of Fair Trade Social Enterprises in Belgium Social Enterprise Journal 6 (2)   English Journal Link
Bacon 2005 Confronting the Coffee Crisis: Can Fair Trade, Organic and Specialty Coffees Reduce Small-Scale Farmer Vulnerability in Northern Nicaragua? World Development 33 (3) : 497-511.   English Journal  
Barham 2002 Towards a Theory of Values-Based Labeling Agricultural and Human Values 19 (4) : 349-360.   English Journal  
Barrientos 2000 Globalization and Ethical Trade: Assessing the Implications for Development Journal of International Development 12   English Journal  
Bartley 2003 Certifying Forests and Factories: States, Social Movements, and the Rise of Private Regulation in the Apparel and Forest Products Fields Politics and Society 31 (3) : 433-464.   English Journal  
Bird, Hughes 1997 Ethical Consumerism: The Case of "Fair Trade" Coffee Business Ethics: A European Review 6 (3) : 159-167.   English Journal  

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