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Reese, Berthold, Steffens 2016 As high as it gets: Ingroup projection processes in the superordinate group humans International Journal of Intercultural Relations 50 pp. 39-49   English Report Link
Dam 2014 Beyond the merchant and the clergyman: Assessing moral claims about development cooperation Third World Quarterly 9 (5) : 1636-1655.   English Journal  
Dam 2014 Een stukje ellende in uw eigen wereldje. Solidariteit met de derde werdeld in de Nederlandse vakbeweging Onbehagen in de polder. Nederland in conflict sinds 1795 edited by Peter van Dam, Bram Mellink and Jouke Turpijn Other Book section Link
Jaffee 2008 In Ruerd Ruben (ed.), The Impact of Fair Trade pp. 195-222 Wagenigen Academic Publishers, Netherlands English Book section Link
Snyder 2003 "Fair Trade: A Better Model for North-South Economic Cooperation" - thesis     English Other  
Smith 2008 BRASS Comment and Analysis Pape   English Report Link
Bronkhorst 2004 'Fair' Prices and Wages Economic and Political Weekly 39 (34) : 3787-3790.   English Journal Link
Bennett 2015 1-page summary: History of Producers in Fairtrade International Governance Excerpt from The Handbook of Research on Fair Trade (Raynolds & Bennett)   English Report Link
INC, Plate- Forme Pour le 2008 pp. 34   French Other Link
Litvinoff, Madeley 2007 50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade pp. 256 Pluto Press English Book  
Alvarez 2001 A Cafecito Story pp. 69   English Book  
Tiffen 2004 A Chocolate-Coated Case for Alternative International Business Models Development in Practice 12 (3-4) : 383-397.   English Journal  
Makita 2011 A confluence of Fair Trade and organic agriculture in southern India Development in Practice 21 (2) : 205-217.   English Journal Link
Grimes 2004 A Guide for Retailers: Creating a Successful Fair Trade Buisness     English Book Link
Anderson 2015 A History of Fair Trade in Contemporary Britain: From civil society campaigns to corporate compliance     English Book Link
Linton 2007 A Niche for Sustainability: Fair Labor and Environmentally Sound Practices in the Specialty Coffee Industry Globalizations 5 (2) paper available from the author English Journal Link
Makita 2016 A Role of Fair Trade Certification for Environmental Sustainability Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 29 (2) : 185-201.   English Journal Link
Bennett 2012 A Short History of Fairtrade Certification Governance The Processes and Practices of Fair Trade: Trust, Ethics and Governance Eds. Janet Dine and Brigitte Granville. London: Routledge (2012). English Book section Link
Linton, Liou, Shaw 2004 A Taste of Trade Justice: Marketing Global Social Responsibility via Fair Trade Coffee Globalizations 1 (2) paper available from the author English Journal Link
Linton, Liou, Shaw 2004 A Taste of Trade Justice: Marketing Global Social Responsibility via Fair Trade Coffee Globalizations 1 (2) paper available from the authors English Journal Link
Coscione 2014 Academia y comercio justo: universidades que consumen responsablemente... CLAC   Spanish Other Link
Smith 2014 Access to the fairtrade system: the geography of certification for social justice Food Chain 4 (1) : 49-65. English Report Link
Hughes 2004 Accounting for Ethical Trade: Global Commodity Networks, Virtualism, and the Audit Economy Geographies of Commodities Routledge, London (S. Reimer and A. Hughes eds.) English Book section  
Giovannucci, Alice Byers, Liu 2008 Adding Value: Certified Coffee Trade in North America. Value-adding Standards in the North American Food Market:Trade Opportunities in Certified Products for Developing Countries. Pascal Liu (Ed.), English Book section Link
Braunholz 2015 Adiós Arábica? Kaffeeklatsch 37 Download Kaffeeklatsch No.37 from our Homepage Other Report Link
Coscione 2014 Prensa Rural   Spanish Other Link
Coscione 2013 Otra Economía 7 (13)   English Report Link
Davies 2008 Alliances and Networks: Creating Success in the UK Fair Trade Market Journal of Business Ethics 86 pp. 109-126   English Journal Link
Sénéchal, Georges, Pernin 2014 Alliances Between Corporate and Fair Trade Brands: Examining the Antecedents of Overall Evaluation of the Co-branded Product Journal of business ethics 124 (3) : 365-381.   English Journal Link
Page-Reeves 1998 Alpaca Sweater Design and Marketing: Problems and Prospects for Cooperative Knitting Organizations in Bolivi Human Organization 57 (1) : 83-92.   English Journal  
Goodman, Goodman 2008 Alternative Food Networks International Encyclopedia of Human Geography   English Book section Link
Murray, Raynolds 2000 Alternative trade in bananas: Obstacles and opportunities for progressive social change in the global economy Agricultural and Human Values 17 (10)   English Journal  
Entwistle 2002 Alternatives for the Bulb Trade from Turkey: A Case Study of Indigenous Bulb Propagation ORYX 36 (4) : 333-341.   English Journal  
Littrell, Marsha 1997 Althernative Trading Organizations: Shifting Paradigm in a Culture of Social Responsibility Human Organization 56 (3)   English Journal  
Coscione 2015 América Latina y el sentido originario del comercio justo Eutopía 7 pp. 11-26 FLACSO-Ecuador Spanish Journal Link
Coscione 2012 Otra Economía 6 (11) : 133-140.   Spanish Journal Link
Bronkhorst 2004 IFAT Trade Post (4) : 10-11.   English Other Link
Weihe 2005 An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperatives: A Methodology   This research was carried out with my assistance with an intern, Kate Surber English Report Link
Otero 2004 Cahier de la Chaire de responsabilité sociale et de développement durable (04) : 25. CRSDD Publication Spanish Other Link
Weihe 2003 Analysis of U.S. Cooperative Development Experience: Case Studies   Evaluation for USAID's Cooperative Development Programs English Report Link
Grimes 2003 Anthropology and the Fair Trade Movement Practicing Anthropology 25 (4) : 33-36.   English Book  
Makita 2018 Application of Fair Trade certification for wild plants: lessons from a FairWild project in India International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology online first English Journal Link
Huybrechts, Defourny 2008 Are Fair Trade Organizations necessarily Social Enterprises? Social Enterprise Journal 4   English Journal Link
Bacon, Mendez, Flores Gomez, Stuart, Diaz Flores 2008 Are Sustainable Coffee Certifications Enough to Secure to Secure Farmer Livelihoods: The Millenium Development Goals and Nicaragua's Fair Trade Cooperatives Globalizations 5 (2) : 259–274.   English Report Link
Grimes, Lynne 2000 Artisans and Cooperatives     English Book Link
Coscione 2009 As Europeans, what would we be willing to accept? e-International Relations (e-IR) English Other Link
Nelson, Tallontire, Collinson 2002 Assessing the benefits of ethical trade schemes for forest dependent people: a comparative experience from Peru and Ecuador International Forestry Review 4 (2)   English Journal  
Utting 2007 Assessing the Impact of Fair Trade Coffee: Towards an Integrative Framework Business Ethics   English Journal Link
Nelson, Martin, Ewert 2005 Assessing the social impact of codes of practice in African export agriculture Development in Practice 15 (3/4)   English Journal Link
Nelson, Galvez 2000 Assessing the social impact of ethical and conventional trade in brazil nuts in Peru   Natural Resources Institute Report English Report Link

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