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Nicholls, Opal 2005 Fair Trade: Market-driven ethical Consumption   London: Sage Publications English Book  
Barrientos, Dolan 2006 Ethical Sourcing in the global Food System   London: Earthscan English Book  
Maseland, de Vaal 2006 The Debate about International Trade: a small step towards creating one   EAEPE Conference, November 2-4 2006; Istanbul English Report  
Barrientos, Smith 2006 The ETI Code of Labour Practice: Do Workers Really Benefit?   Institute of Development Studies, Sussex English Report Link
Doppler 2006     Spanish Dissert.  
Doppler 2003     Spanish Report  
Snyder 2003 "Fair Trade: A Better Model for North-South Economic Cooperation" - thesis     English Other  
McGregor 2006 Transformative Practice   Publisher Kappa Omicron Nu English Book Link
Nelson, Malins 1998 Impact assessment of a fair trade, organic cotton scheme, Uganda   Natural Resources Institute Report. English Report Link
Nelson, Galvez 2000 Assessing the social impact of ethical and conventional trade in brazil nuts in Peru   Natural Resources Institute Report English Report Link
Nelson, Collinson 2003 No.1: Fair trade in forest products: Policy lessons   NRET Policy and Practice Paper Series, No.1 English Report Link
Nelson, Martin, Morris, Omosa, Ewert 2006 Briefing paper No.4: Comparative Livelihood Impacts of Codes of Practice in the Kenyan Cut Flower and South African Wine Industries   from DFID-PASS, NRI Briefing Papers Series on Code Impact English Report Link
Mendez 2002 Fair trade networks in two coffee cooperatives of western El Salvador: an analysis of insertion through a second level organization   Case Study prepared for the Project on "Poverty Alleviation Through Participation in Fair Trade Networks" English Report Link
Nelson, Galvez 2000 Assessing the social impact of ethical and conventional trade in cocoa in Ecuador   Natural Resources Institute Report English Report Link
Haynes 2006   Colloque Urgence, Solidarité Gouvernance et Développement. Université d’Artois. Association Tiers Monde. Arras. 22-24 mai 2006 French Report  
Haynes 2005 Can organic be fair?   7th Conference. European Sociological Assocociation. Torun. English Report Link
Haynes 2005   Conference Environment, Knowledge and democracy. International Sociological Association. Marseille. English Report  
Charlier, Haynes, Bach, Mayet, Yepez, Mormont 2006   Bruxelles: Politique Scientifique Fédérale English Report Link
Hayes, Moore 2005 The economics of Fair Trade: a guide in plain English   Conference proceedings English Report Link
Huybrechts 2007   E-book, Editions Luc Pire, Prix Vanthournout 2006 French Book Link
Alvarez 2001 A Cafecito Story pp. 69   English Book  
Boyard 1992 The Fair Trade Fraud pp. 336 Palgrave Macmillan. publisher English Book  
Brown 1993 Fair Trade: Reform and Realities in the International Trading System     English Book  
Co-Op America 2007 Guide to Fair Trade pp. 24   English Other Link
Giovannucci, Ponte 2005 The Collective Formulation and Effectiveness of Public & Private Sustainability Standards   In special issue of Food Policy Journal, “Private Agri-food Standards: Implications for Food Policy and the Agri-food Systems” English Report Link
Cycon 2007 Javatrekker: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee pp. 300 Chelsea Green, publisher English Book  
Cycon 2004 Fair Trade Road Map     English Other Link
Daviron, Ponte 2005 Coffee Paradox: Global Markets, Commodity Trade and the Elusive Promise of Development pp. 295 Zed Books English Book  
Wild 2005 Coffee: A Dark History pp. 323 Norton English Book  
Dicum, Luddinger 2006 The Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry from the Crop to the Last Drop pp. 232 New Press, New York English Book Link
Ericson 2006 The Conscious Consumer: Promoting Economic Justice Through Fair Trade pp. 37 Fair Trade Resource Network English Book Link
Fair Trade Media 2006 Business Unusual pp. 187 FairTrade Advocacy Office (FLO, IFAT, NEWS and EFTA) English Book Link
Eshuis, Harmsen 2003 Making Trade Work for the Producers: 15 Years of Fairtrade Labelled Coffee in the Netherlands pp. 57 Max Havellar Foundation English Report Link
Fridell 2007 Fair Trade Coffee: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Market-Driven Social Justice pp. 336 University of Toronto Press English Book  
Raynolds, Murray, Wilkinson 2007 Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization   Routledge English Book  
Pendergrast 1999 Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How it Transformed Our World   Basic Books (New York) English Book  
Murray, Raynolds, Taylor 2003 One Cup at a Time: Fair Trade and Poverty Alleviation in Latin America   Fair Trade Research Group (Colorado) English Journal Link
Ransom 2001 No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade pp. 144 New Internationalist English Book Link
Grimes 2004 A Guide for Retailers: Creating a Successful Fair Trade Buisness     English Book Link
Grimes, Lynne 2000 Artisans and Cooperatives     English Book Link
Grout 2003 Harvest of Hope: Life in the Kuapa Kokoo Cocoa Cooperative in Ghana pp. 96 Serrv International English Book Link
Hohenegger 2007 Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West pp. 320 St. Martins Press English Book Link
Rice, McLean 1999 Sustainable Coffee at the Crossroads pp. 193 Washington, DC: Consumer"s Choice Council English Report Link
Gresser, Tickell 2002 Mugged: Poverty in Your Coffee Cup   Oxfam International English Report Link
Roberts-Davis 2001 We Need to Go to School: Voices of the Rugmark Children pp. 48 Rugmark English Book Link
Roddick 2001 Taking it Personally: How to Make Conscious Choices to Change the World     English Book Link
Martinez-Torres 2006 Organic Coffee: Sustainable Development by Mayan Farmers pp. 208 Ohio University English Book  
Lyon 2002 Evaluation of the Actual and Potential Benefits for the Alleviation of Poverty through the Participation in Fair Trade Coffee Networks: Cuatemalan Case Study   Fair Trade Research Group (Colorado) English Other Link
Luetchford 2001 Fair Trade and a Global Commodity: Coffee in Costa Rica pp. 224 Pluto Press English Book  
Litvinoff, Madeley 2007 50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade pp. 256 Pluto Press English Book  

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