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Dr Caroline Wright

Dept of Sociology, University of Warwick

United Kingdom

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My doctoral research was in gender and development and my interest in fair trade was originaly fostered through a concern with labour rights and social justice in the minority world. My interest is to synthesise the material and discursive aspects of fair trade. My article in Journal of International Development (2004, 16:5) offers an early analysis of fair-trade advertising, drawing on debates in the sociology of consumption to ask what happens when Cafedirect coffee is marketed precisely to draw attention to the social relations underpinning its production and exchange. A joint-authored article in Cultural Sociology (2007, 1:2) applies Nancy Fraser's twin conceptualisation of (in)justice, economic and cultural, to the struggle for ethical trade in Colombia's cut-flower industry. I am currently completing a chapter on fair-trade food, analysing its production and consumption both in the context of globalisation and within a tradition of theorising food as both material and symbolic good. I'm also working on a conceptualisation of the connectivities between producers and consumers that fair trade seeks to foster, as a precursor to forthcoming empirical work with UK fair trade consumers and potential consumers.

Expertise Keywords: consumption, marketing, ethics, labour relations, coffee, chocolate, cut flowers

Primary Expertise - Fair Trade Research
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