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 Name Keywords  Primary Activity  Institution (NR = not registered) asc Location (NR = not registered)
Smith, Alastair development policy, public procurement, diversification, structural change, micro-economic analysis Fair Trade Research BRASS University of Cardiff United Kingdom
Ustunay, Sule dissertation Fair Trade Research MBA Student United Kingdom
Abel, Rachel finance, coffee, commodities, handicrafts Other activity related to Fair Trade Fair Trade Lending Society United Kingdom
Wheeler, Katy consumption, fairtrade towns, moral economy, comparative sociology Fair Trade Research Open University, Walton Hall United Kingdom
Skuja, Zanda   Fair Trade Research University of London United Kingdom
Jaffee, Daniel environment, coffee, standards, certification, corporations, globalization, political economy, commodity chain Fair Trade Research Portland State University United States
Linton, April coffee, certification, social premium Fair Trade Research University of California, San Diego United States
Howard, Philip consumer interests, willingness to pay Fair Trade Research Michigan State University United States
Utting, Karla impact assessment, environment, sustainable development, csr, certifications, coffee, social sustainability Fair Trade Consulting Freelance consultant United States
Edwards, Linda artisans, crafts, quality of life, living wage, sustainability Fair Trade Research World Fair Trade Organization United States
Shorette, Kristen cross-national comparative, organizations, consumption Fair Trade Research University of California - Irvine United States
Gage, Tyler peru, ecuador, quichua, shipibo nation, agroforestry, non-traditional forest products Fair Trade Business ( for profit ) Brown University United States
Weihe, Theodore fair trade cooperatives, cocoa cooperatives Fair Trade Consulting Equal Exchange United States
Bennett, Elizabeth governance, fairtrade international, certification, labeling, power, inequality Fair Trade Research Lewis & Clark College United States
Raynolds, Laura certification, gender, labor, poverty, coffee, bananas, flowers, tea Fair Trade Research Center for Fair & Alternative Trade, CSU United States
Plastina, Alejandro economic, health, and education performance evaluation, coffee, latin america, usa Fair Trade Research International Cotton Advisory Committee United States
Goldman, Jeff consumer education Fair Trade promotion/coordination (non profit) Fair Trade Resource Network United States
Wynne, Sandy retail marketing Other activity related to Fair Trade none United States
Stenzel, Paulette fair trade, sustainability, law, Fair Trade Research Michigan State University United States
Moore, Lindsey tea, india, consulting, research, csr, development, trade, Fair Trade Research London School of Economics United States of America
Stenn, Tamara producers, women, indigenous, solidarity economy, impact, governance, institutions Fair Trade Research Keene State College USA