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 Name Keywords  Primary Activity  Institution (NR = not registered) asc Location (NR = not registered)
Arce, Alberto social development, policy implementation, development policy Fair Trade Research Wageningen University NR
Murray, Kevin design, craft, product development Fair Trade Research Adjunct Professor Australia
Huybrechts, Benjamin fair trade organizations, fair trade social enterprises, management, governance, organizational diversity, networks, belgium, europe Fair Trade Research University of Liège Belgium
Jeune, Hilary policy, advocacy, lobbying Other activity related to Fair Trade Fair Trade Advocacy Office Belgium
Geysmans, Robbe consumption, retailing, marketing, mainstreaming Fair Trade Research Ghent University Belgium
Zeballos, Eduardo handicrafts, alpaca Fair Trade Business ( for profit ) Ayni Bolivia Bolivia
Rotondaro, Angelica coffee, cocoa, cashew nuts, latin america fair trade, financing training, marketing planning Fair Trade Research Hochschule St. Gallen (Switzerland) Brazil
Paraguay, Ana project management, grant writing, fundraising, worker health, environmental health, ergonomics, work organization, capacity building Fair Trade Consulting Officio e Ambiente Ltda Brazil
Crane, Andrew strategy, marketing, Fair Trade Research York University Canada
Faure, Marc-Henri imports, marketing, product devlpt, cotton, coffee, cocoa, artwork Fair Trade Consulting & Canada
Clark, Patrick fair trade purchasing policies and universities Fair Trade Research University of Waterloo Canada
Lagace, Vincent sustainable trade financing, sme financing, rural producer organizations, agricultural lending, microfinance, coffee Fair Trade Research University of Ottawa Canada
Thomson, Bob transfair canada, Other activity related to Fair Trade Former Managing Director Transfair Canad Canada
Moreno, Pablo agronomy student with thesis in fair trade wines Fair Trade Research Universidad Mayor Chile
Coscione, Marco social movements, civil society, social development Fair Trade Research -- Colombia
Newton, Kimberly latin america, fair trade standards analyisis, equitable and sustainable globalization, cross-cultural communications for intercultural cooperation, social sustainability, education Fair Trade Research Conexiones Institute Costa Rica
Johnson, Pierre sustainable development, certification, standards, value chain, latin america, impact Fair Trade Consulting WFTO - World Fair Trade Organization France
Paulsen, Olaf standards, certification, policy, strategy, tea, coffee, fundraising, project coaching Fair Trade Consulting Freelance Consultant for Sustainable Dev Germany
Fichtl, Eric history, price Fair Trade Research NR Germany
Verrea, Valerio fair trade, research, competition, market, marketing, branding, fairtrade, organizations Fair Trade Research Research Accademy Leipzig Germany
Holtz, Ruth impact assessment, coffee, cooperatives, development impact, national institutions, case study analysis, fair trade mechanisms Fair Trade Research University of Flensburg Germany
Kleemann, Linda environment and development, rural development in africa, private voluntary standards and certifications, social entrepreneurs, environment and international trade Fair Trade Research Kiel Institute for the World Economy Germany
Varul, Matthias sociology of consumption, marketing, international comparison, moral justifications Fair Trade Research independent sociologist Germany
Pinto Escoval, Alfredo flo-cert, flo-fairtrade, fairtrade consulting Fair Trade Business ( for profit ) Fairtrade Consulting Cooperative Germany
Persson, Emilie fairtrade premium, ghana, gender, Fair Trade Consulting Fair Ghana, Fairtrade Africa Ghana
Begbie, Joshua retail, promotion Fair Trade Business ( for profit ) Crossroads Foundation NGO Hong Kong
Ruggeri, Laura   Fair Trade Research - Italy
Soprano, Roberto wto, dumping, subsidies, safeguards, rules of origin, agriculture, labeling, acp Fair Trade Research university of Salerno Italy
Silva, Gabriela markets, gender, africa, sustainability, trainning Fair Trade Research African Studies Center Univ. Porto Kenya
Bronkhorst, Ruud certification, fairprice Fair Trade Research InfoBridge Foundation Netherlands
Janssens, Freek marketplaces, globalization, urbanism, sardinia, london, casu marzu, anthropology Other activity related to Fair Trade University of Amsterdam Netherlands
van Dam, Peter history, organizational practices, globalization, civil society, social movements, religion Fair Trade Research University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Lamason, Matt   Fair Trade Business ( for profit ) Peoples Coffee Ltd New Zealand
Aasprong, Haakon certification, standards, audits, bananas, st. vincent, globalization Fair Trade Research NTNU Norway
Mahmoud, Shadi fair trade, palestine, export, certification, flo, wfto Fair Trade Business ( for profit ) Fair Trade Palestine
Abuatwan, Nareman agriculture Fair Trade Consulting Finance Palestinian Territory, Occupie
Chavesta, Eileen organic banana, appbosa, fairtrade Fair Trade promotion/coordination (non profit) TBD Peru
Manzanal, Med advocacy, project management, and network building Fair Trade promotion/coordination (non profit) World Fair Trade Organization-Asia Philippines
Villanueva, Zuraida Mae south-south exchange, north-south dialogue on fair trade, trade policymaking, fair trade advocacy and campaign, fair trade and intellectual property rights, philippines Fair Trade Research World Fair Trade Organization-Asia Philippines
economic sociology, qualitative methods, theory of science, sociology of power, food sociology Fair Trade Research Uppsala University Sweden
social marketing, marketing, csr, corporate social responsibility, consumer behaviour, sustainable development, strategy Fair Trade Research University of Neuchâtel Switzerland
Suradom, Kamonsak food, standard, enterprise, risk management, organization development Fair Trade Research KMUTNB Thailand
Kroon, Angelica banana sector in peru, certifications Fair Trade Research University of Groningen The Netherlands
Moore, Geoff   Fair Trade Research Durham Business School United Kingdom
Tallontire, Anne   Fair Trade Research SRI, University of Leeds United Kingdom
Leadbetter, Alistair training, cotton, supply chains, commodities, market access, finance, business Fair Trade Consulting Traidcraft United Kingdom
Anderson, Matthew fairtrade foundation, ethical consumerism, co-operatives, ngos, global citizenship Fair Trade Research The University of Portsmouth United Kingdom
Sutton, Shannon governance, certification, co-operatives, latin america, africa, small producers, participatory research, capacity building Fair Trade Research Queen Mary, University of London United Kingdom
Wright, Caroline consumption, marketing, ethics, labour relations, coffee, chocolate, cut flowers Fair Trade Research Dept of Sociology, University of Warwick United Kingdom
Pickering, Andrew   Fair Trade Research University of Sheffield United Kingdom

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