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Karla Utting finished her PhD at the School of Earth and Environment , University of Leeds. Her PhD thesis focuses on the tensions between social sustainability and commercial objectives of fair trade and ethical trade initiatives. She developed an impact assessment framework to help explore livelihood and development impacts resulting from ‘responsible trade’ initiatives. Her research involves two case studies that examine fair trade coffee production and the production of specialty coffee verified by Starbucks's CAFÉ practice programme in Northern Nicaragua. The empirical foundation consists of information on a diverse range of local level impacts and draws on the perspectives of multiple local-level stakeholders including smallholders, community members, producer organisations, government officials, NGOs, and other key informants. Karla lives in Miami, Florida. Contact her via email: karla@env.leeds.ac.uk (Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds, UK).
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authors year title journal or book other lang type link
Young, Utting 2005 Editorial: Fair Trade, Business and Sustainable Development Sustainable Development 13 (4) : 139-142. Special issue on Fair Trade, Business and Sustainable Development English Journal Link
Utting 2007 Assessing the Impact of Fair Trade Coffee: Towards an Integrative Framework Business Ethics   English Journal Link

Expertise Keywords: impact assessment, environment, sustainable development, csr, certifications, coffee, social sustainability

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certification, impact assessment, sustainable development
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