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authors year title journal or book other lang type link
Blowfield 1999 Ethical Trade: A Review of Developments and Issues Third World Quarterly 20 (4)   English Journal  
Blowfield 2000 Ethical Sourcing: A Contribution to Sustainability or a Diversion? Sustainable Development 8   English Journal  
Blowfield, Maynard, Nelson, Collinson, Malins 1998 Ethical Trade and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods - chapter Sustainable Rural Livelihoods: What difference can we make? A DFID publication English Book Link
Tallontire, Blowfield 2000 Will the WTO Prevent the Growth of Ethical Trade?: Implications of Potential Changes to WTO Rules for Environmental and Social Standards in the Forest Sector Journal of International Development 12   English Journal  
Malins, Blowfield 2000 Fruits of the Nile: Fair Trade Processing Case Study   University of Greenwich, Ethical Trade and Sustainable Livelihoods Case Studies series English Other