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Barrientos, Dolan 2006 Ethical Sourcing in the global Food System   London: Earthscan English Book  
Smith, Barrientos 2005 Fair Trade and Ethical Trade: are there moves towards convergence? Sustainable Development 13 (3) : 190-198.   English Journal  
Barrientos, Smith 2006 The ETI Code of Labour Practice: Do Workers Really Benefit?   Institute of Development Studies, Sussex English Report Link
Barrientos, Smith 2007 Mainstreaming Fair Trade in Global Value Chains: Own Brand Sourcing of Fruit and Cocoa in U.K. Supermarkets In: Whither Fair Trade: Negotiating a Global Movement. Chapter 6. Raynolds, L., Murray, D. and Wilkinson, J. (Eds.). Routledge. English Book section  
Barrientos 2000 Globalization and Ethical Trade: Assessing the Implications for Development Journal of International Development 12   English Journal