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Ms. Shannon Sutton

Queen Mary, University of London

United Kingdom

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I am currently a PhD student at Queen Mary, University of London where I am a member of the Fairtrade Research Group based at the Centre for Globalization Research. My own research is on producer participation and representation within Fairtrade, and I will be conducting my field research in East Africa.

I previously worked as a Fairtrade practitioner with Fairtrade Canada and La Siembra/Camino, a Fairtrade worker co-op in Ottawa, Canada (as Communications Manager and member of the BoD). I possess an MA in International Affairs from NPSIA, Carleton University and a BCom from McGill University.
Shannon Sutton's publications

authors year title journal or book other lang type link
Sutton 2012 Chapter 9: Beyond Price: Fairtrade and Capacity Building. The Case of Cooperativa Naranjillo in Peru The Processes and Practices of Fair Trade Brigitte Granville, Janet Dine (eds); London, Routledge English Book section Link
Sutton 2013 Fairtrade Governance and Producer Voices: Stronger or Silent? Social Enterprise Journal 9 (1)   English Journal Link
Sutton 2014 Voice, Choice and Governance: The Case of Tanzania's Fairtrade Co-operatives PhD Dissertation Queen Mary, University of London English Dissert.  

Expertise Keywords: governance, certification, co-operatives, latin america, africa, small producers, participatory research, capacity building

Primary Expertise - Fair Trade Research
Research interest
Producer participation in governance
Countries of expertise
Peru, Panama, Honduras, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique
Additional information on expertise
Latin America:
I engaged in field research in Peru with Fairtrade cocoa farmers for 4 months (Masters dissertation), and participated in a Fairtrade action research project in Panama.

Eastern Africa:
I conducted 3 research trips to Tanzanian and Kenyan Fairtrade co-ops from 2011-2012, for a total duration of 5 months. I also worked at a Fairtrade lodge in northern Mozambique for 8 months.
Secondary Expertise - Fair Trade Consulting
Impact studies, governance, producer participation, co-operatives
Countries of expertise
East Africa and Latin America
Additional information on expertise
I previously worked at Fairtrade Canada, as well as La Siembra/Camino, a Fairtrade worker co-op based in Ottawa, Canada.