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Kristen Shorette

University of California - Irvine

United States

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I'm currently a PhD candidate at the University of California, Irvine. My dissertation research examines the uneven rise of Fair Trade Organizations (FTOs) as market-oriented social justice organizations. Using original data on all current and former FTOs and time series and panel regression analyses, I examine (1) the rise of FTOs over time, (2) cross-national variation in the concentration of fair trade (FT) producer organizations across the global South, and (3) cross-national variation in the amount of FT goods consumed within developed countries.

In addition, I conduct cross-national comparative research in the areas of the natural environment, human health, and human rights. I am particularly interested in studying the effects of world cultural norms on a variety of outcomes within these areas and engaging both world society and political economy perspectives.
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Shorette 2011 Fair Trade and the Double Movement: The Promise and Contradictions of Improving Labor Standards in the Global South via Market Mechanisms Journal of Workplace Rights 15 (3-4) : 461-481.   English Journal Link

Expertise Keywords: cross-national comparative, organizations, consumption

Primary Expertise - Fair Trade Research
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Economic and Cultural Sociology
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