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Keith R. Brown

Saint Joseph's University

United States

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My research examines how emotions shape consumers' willingness to shop ethically, how individuals talk about the moral implications of fair trade initiatives, and how consumers make sense of the ethical contradictions they confront while shopping.
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Brown 2008 Framing a Fair Trade Life: Tensions in the Fair Trade Marketplace Lived Experiences of Public Consumption: Encounters with Value in Marketplaces on Five Continents ed. Daniel Cook, Palgrave McMillan English Book section Link
Brown 2009 The Social Dynamics and Durability of Moral Boundaries Sociological Forum 24 (4) : 854-876.   English Journal Link
Brown 2011 Interaction Ritual Chains and the Mobilization of Conscientious Consumers Qualitative Sociology 34 (1)   English Journal Link
Brown 2013 Buying Into Fair Trade: Culture, Morality and Consumption New York University Press   English Book Link