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authors year title journal or book other lang type link
Smith 2008 BRASS Comment and Analysis Pape   English Report Link
Smith 2008 BRASS Comment and Analysis Paper   English Other Link
Smith 2009 Fair Trade, Diversification and Structural Change: Towards a Broader Theoretical Framework of Analysis Oxford Journal of Development Studies 37 (4) : 457 - 478.   English Journal Link
Smith 2009 Evaluating the Criticisms of Fair Trade: How strong is the argument that consumers and businesses should abandon Fair Trade as a means to socialise their economic decisions? Economic Affairs 19 (4)   English Journal  
Smith 2009 FLO Fair Trade Diversification And Structural Change: Building an alternative theoretical argument   International Workshop: Fair Trade A Moral Economy? Does Fair Trade Change the Rules of the Economic Game?, CRASSH Centre, Cambridge University, 22 May 2009. English Other Link
Smith, Lies Craeynest, Fairtrade Foundation 2009 EGALITE, FRATERNITE, SUSTAINABILITE: why the climate revolution must be a fair revolution   Fairtrade Foundation UK English Report Link
Smith 2010 Responding to Commentary? Changes in the Regulations of the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (on defining small farmers and development practice) BRASS Comment and Analysis Paper   English Other Link
Smith 2010 LACK OF RIGOUR IN DEFENDING Fairtrade: Some important clarifications of a distorting account - a reply to Peter Griffiths Economic Affairs 30 (2)   English Report Link
Smith 2015 Fair Trade Places The Handbook of Research on Fair Trade eds. Laura T. Raynolds and Elizabeth A. Bennett, London: Edward Elgar English Book section Link
Smith 2014 Access to the fairtrade system: the geography of certification for social justice Food Chain 4 (1) : 49-65. English Report Link