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Lewin, Giovannucci, Varangis 2004 Coffee Markets: New Paradigms in Global Supply and Demand   World Bank English Book Link
Varangis, Siegel, Giovannucci, Lewin 2003 Dealing with the Coffee Crisis in Central America:   World Bank Policy Research #2993 English Report Link
Varangis, Siegel, Giovannucci, Lewin 2003   World Bank Policy Research #2993 Spanish Report Link
Giovannucci, Varangis 2002 Who Shall We Blame: The international politics of coffee Tea and Coffee Journal 174 (1)   English Report Link
Jaffee, Candace Archer, Coscione, Varangis, Johnson, Reed, Edwards, Valkila, Varul, Doppler 2009     English Report