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Fair Trade Institute (FTI)

Fair Trade Institute: The Fair Trade scientific community

The most comprehensive online collection of Fair Trade publications, where researchers convene for Fair Trade.

The Fair Trade Institute gathers the scientific community on Fair Trade. The Fair Trade Institute’s new and improved online collection is a collaborative effort between the Fair Trade Institute based in Switzerland and the Fair Trade Resource Network in the United States. With a shared interest in education and critical analysis about Fair Trade, the Fair Trade Institute and Fair Trade Resource Network have compiled this online collection of Fair Trade publications and expertise. On this site, you can:

We invite researchers and scholars from around the world to list their works and expertise in this online collection. With contributions from you, the Fair Trade Institute can contribute to the understanding and effective implementation of Fair Trade worldwide.

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Latest Fair Trade publications inserted

Coscione (2017) El aporte del comercio justo al desarrollo sostenible CLAC and CEPAL (Marco Coscione and Nanno Mulder, editors)

Bennett (2017) Fair Cannabis? The Need for Labor Protection in America’s Fastest-Growing Agricultural Sector For A Better World

Bennett (2013) Book review: Gavin Fridell's "Alternative Trade: Legacies for the Future" (2013) Journal of World-Systems Research

Bennett (2016) Book review: Graeme Auld's "Constructing Private Goveranance" (2014) Perspectives on Politics

Bennett (2016) Governance, legitimacy, and stakeholder balance: lessons from Fairtrade International Social Enterprise Journal

Bennett (2017) Voluntary Sustainability Standards: A Squandered Opportunity to Improve Workers’ Wages Sustainable Development